The other day, I accidentally opened Siri on my iPhone (the interactive bit that talks to you). I shouted at it to go away. It replied, "I was only trying to help" in a slightly hurt tone. This freaked me out even more.

It reminded me of this article, which discusses the user experience of Internet of Things products. And it made me ask: do we really want devices that talk to us; and robots with "Genuine People Personalities" as hilariously satirised by Douglas Adams? I certainly don't. 

Like Cennydd Bowles, quoted in the extract below, I want to use products that work together seamlessly - without my having to intervene very often - but I certainly don't want to talk to them or worse, for them to talk back!

Automation should do what you want it to do

Automation should follow instructions. And it does. The beauty of automation is that once you set up a process the way you want it, you just let it do the work. That's why direct debits are so brilliant - you tell the bank that you want to pay a bill at a certain time each month, and they pay it for you, saving you the bother of remembering to do it. For me, this means I have more time for other things in my life, like interacting with friends.

It should take away the strain - so you can talk to real human beings

OmPrompt's Customer Automation Management solution is one of those tools that takes the strain of repetitive tasks for you, so you can focus on the more human aspects of business. Of course you want it to give you an overview of your process - but you probably want it to do so quietly in the background, letting you get on with interacting with human beings.