Finding articles

Subscribe to specialist newsletters 

This will be a good way to keep up-to-date with your field of expertise in any case. 

A good place to find articles is You can personalise your reading list on there and get emails when relevant new content is added.

  1. Click on ‘Get started’ and select your interests on the next page:
  2. Click ‘Next’ (on the next page you can follow individual authors – click ‘Follow’ to select them).
  3. Medium will then present a feed of articles based on your selections.

 Stack Exchange 

Another good place to find articles is Stack Exchange. There are many sites on various topics, including project management, user experience, technology, database administration, information security, etc. It’s a question-and answer site, but you may find it’s a source of inspiration.

How to save articles for later 

On my browser toolbar, I have a Passle button and two folders:

  • I have a “To Passle” folder. When I see an interesting article, but don’t have time to Passle it straight away, I add it to the folder for later.
  • Once I have written my Passle on it, I move it to the “Passled” folder (so I have a list of articles I’ve already Passled, and don’t repeat myself.

Creating a folder on the bookmarks bar 

  • In Chrome: right-click on the bookmarks bar and select ‘Bookmark manager’. In the Bookmark Manager, right-click on the Bookmarks bar folder at the top, and select ‘Add folder’. Type in the new name, and it will appear on the bookmarks bar.
  • In Firefox: right-click on the bookmarks bar and select ‘Add folder’.
  • In Internet Explorer: Click on the drop-down arrow next to ‘Add to favorites’ and select ‘Organise favorites’. In ‘Organise favorites’, click on the ‘New folder’ button. Type in the name of the folder, and click close.

Adding a page to favourites 

  • In Chrome and Firefox: Click on the ‘Bookmark this page’ star in the address bar. Select your ‘To Passle’ folder and click ‘Finished’.
  • In Internet Explorer: click on the ‘favorites’ star and select ‘Add to favorites’. Select your ‘To Passle’ folder in ‘Create in’ and click the ‘Add’ button.