Much of office culture revolves around extroverts. This can make the workplace a difficult environment if you are an introvert. Meetings are often rapid-fire, and people expect you to network, talk confidently on the phone, and meet with clients.

This article gives some excellent advice on how to deal with the discomfort of being an introvert in a world of extroverts.


Most introverts like to take time to process what has been said, and think about their response to it, before responding. The article suggests that you prepare for meetings, so that you will know in advance what your thoughts are about the key topics.

Find other introverts

You can't be the only introvert in the office, so find other introverts who will be supportive in meetings and presentations.

Play to your strengths

Identify your skills. Are you methodical, exacting, independent, observant? Identify the environments where you can use these skills, and where you are most comfortable working.

Finding your comfort zone and the things you excel at will allow you to shine in the workplace and gain recognition from managers for your talents.